Our next Happy Heart Classroom Course will start on Thursday 24th of April 2014 for 5 consecutive Thursday nights. It will be held upstairs in The Happy Pear in Greystones. Classes start at 8pm and normally last 90 minutes. We have been running this course for over 4 years and have had hundreds of people complete the course with an average drop in total cholesterol of 20% in 4 weeks.


How it works?

  • 5 Thursday nights over 4 weeks
  • 2 Cholesterol, Blood pressure & Blood sugar tests
  • Detailed notes, Recipes & meal plans
  • Lots of lovely tastings

Only for €150! Limited space!

Dr. Caldwell B. EsselstynThe Man behind Bill Clintons move to a plant based diet Author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

"Twin chefs, David and Stephen Flynn have developed a delicious, oil free plant based eating program. For those who transition to this lifestyle it will be the end of the heart disease, obesisty, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and a host of other common chronic killing diseases. It is a revolution for all."

Dr. Colin T. CampbellCo-author of the bestseller "The China Study" Lead scientist on the effects of diet on disease

"The twins, David and Stephen Flynn, chefs by profession, have developed a program that is clearly the future of health and the practice of medicine. It really is an extraordinary story whose time has come."

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